Save Money and Generate Income for your school.

The LockerFix System for schools provides student with a sturdy secure locker while saving your school money and generating annual income.  There are no Locker Maintenance costs with the LockerFix System.

How the System Works

LockerFix System can be fitted to all your existing school lockers.

Every locker has a LockerFix Latch and combination lock and ‘How to Use’ instructions are clearly displayed on the front of all lockers. Each student is issued with a unique code and there are no keys to lose or misplace.  A Master Key that fits all locks and a Data Base of Locker allocations is provided to each school or college.

At the end of the school term, LockerFix retrieve and recycle all lock which are recoded for the next intake of students.  The school lockers are refitted and repaired by LockerFix , if required.  


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