Lockerfix Management Systems have taken locker management into the 21st Century for all industry and public buildings. We offer a wide range of stylish, smart digital locking locker systems for businesses to rent.

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Short & Long Term Locker Rental

Renting a Lockerfix Management System for a short or long term is the perfect solution.

Festivals, one off events, Business and Trade Shows all benefit from the provision of safe and secure personal storage.  Phone and Device charging port rental is particularly useful for shows and events.  Our ready to go, hassle free , easy locker systems are available for visitors attractions, warehouses and offices.

What's included
The advantages to renting a locker system are many. 
  • All maintenance, servicing and repairs are included. 
  • Our sales team will advise on the locker and lock type best suited to your needs and industry.
  • Our secure, sturdy lockers can be designed and tailored to suit your business.
  • Choose from a range of electronic digital and key systems.   
  • The Digital Locking System makes it possible to control electronic locks easily.
  • It eliminates the need for keys with RFID card readers available, and as we know, lost and broken keys cause lost working hours, frustration, and insecurity. 

Rented Lockerfix Management Systems have proved to be invaluable in a variety of festivals and businesses and corporate campuses  where a trouble free storage system with competitive pricing is a  priority.  
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