PhoneLocker by LockerFix


  • Create a Mobile Phone Free School Environment
  • Minimize Distractions
  • Standard Version & Signal Blocker Version

‚ÄčPhoneLocker is an innovative solution that allows students to bring their phones to school while maintaining a mobile phone-free environment during school hours. The pouch securely stores students' phones and prevents them from accessing the device when it is sealed inside.



Phone Locker by LockerFix is a valuable tool that empowers schools to create a mobile phone-free environment, leading to enhanced academic performance and reduced interruptions in the classroom.

By utilizing the features of Phone Locker, schools can effectively restrict phone usage during school hours, fostering a focused and conducive learning atmosphere. This initiative helps students stay engaged, minimize distractions, and optimize their educational experience.

Ultimately, Phone Locker by LockerFix plays a crucial role in promoting a productive

and harmonious educational environment by minimizing the disruptions caused by mobile devices.


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