RFID Reader Locks

RFID Reader Locks

Pulsar RFID digital combination lock 3786 provides contactless RFID locking in a slim and attractive footprint.

Utilising the high strength benefits of the synthetic material Grivory, Pulsar can be used independently or paired with existing wireless systems and comes with a wide range of accessories and options.

Unique to all our digital code locks, you can use our steel override key to bypass the contactless locking feature when immediate supervisory access is necessary.

Typical applications include commercial and office environments,  Lockers and Enclosures.

  • Black lock and escutcheon
  • Steel override key
  • Wide variety of cams
  • Battery condition indicator
  • 17mm, 20mm, 21mm or 24mm spindle length
  • 2 x AA batteries (included)
  • Vertical, left and right hand fixing

Programming Options

  • Change Master Card
  • Add User Card
  • Delete all User Cards
  • Delete single User Card with User Card
  • Delete single User Card without User Card
  • Set Private Mode
  • Set Public Mode
  • Set audio
  • Auto unlock mode
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